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About City Skate Tours

Skateboarding and cities are more connected than we realize - that's why skateboarders are always found in urban spaces!

Growing up in Johannesburg, you hear a lot of stories about what the city is or what it was like, either way, we always knew that there's more to this city than meets the eye.

Come explore the city from a skater's perspective and see how skateboarding uses urban spaces as urban playgrounds.

By offering you a new way to experience the city, skateboarding and tourism, we show you urban Johannesburg as never seen before while exposing it's hidden gems and stories!

Our big goal is to explore African cities on skateboards...but most importantly, we want you to come with us!

Skateboarding tour during Johannesburg's golden hour.


Ayanda Mnyandu - City Skate Tours (Founder)

Ayanda Mnyandu

  • Enjoys urban spaces and understanding how people use them
  • Has worked as a guide on walking and cycling tours
  • Big fan of “skate-urbanism” – integrating skateboarding into urban design, city planning and the public consciousness
  • Excited about the intersection between skateboarding and tourism in Africa
  • Enjoys teaching people how to skate
  • Looking forward to growing skateboarding across Africa and introducing it to new audiences
  • Loves Johannesburg and can’t wait to explore more cities across South Africa and Africa