E(ast)-Scooter Tours

Duration: 2pm - 5pm (3 hrs)

Location: Troyeville, Kensington and Bez Valley


R 550.00

per person


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Clients must download the Electric Life Rides app BEFORE starting the tour!

Exciting e-scooter tour showcasing the eastern parts of the city - come learn more about Troyeville, Bez Valley & Kensington!


  • Come ride with us through the culturally rich, fun and interesting neighbourhoods of Troyeville, Kensington and Lorentzville!
  • Discover and uncover the eclectic mix of graffiti, lifestyle, street culture and serene views from the eastern side of the city!
  • Count the church spiers in Troyeville which has the highest concentration of churches per square km than any other place in South Africa!
  • See the Gandhi House mansion where he and his family lived in the early 1900s - it's a national heritage site these days!
  • Check out the the head and former offices of SA institutions such as Nandos and Y-fm respectively - within walking distance of each other!
  • Enjoy craft beer from Impi Brewing Co. at Victoria Yards while enjoying yourself in this urban farming and artisinal studio complex!
  • This tour is perfect for friend groups and those looking for adventure and fun in the city - let's have FUN!

This tour starts with a basic lesson on how to ride the e-scooter!

Guests MUST download the "Electric Life Rides" App BEFORE the tour in order to activate the scooter!

Looking for a fun way to spend your afternoon with your friends and crew…then look no more cause this tour is for you!

We ride our scooters through the lively and colourful neighbourhood of Maboneng, admire and capture the beautiful graffiti, history and culture found on the walls and streets of Troyeville before heading to the artisanal and ever changing developments at Victoria Yards!

This tour is all about having fun while immersing yourself in the cool “vibes and feels” of the eastern part of the inner city and will be the most exciting and fun thing you do in Johannesburg ever!

Grab the crew and lets go!

Hide Out Bar at Curiocity Hostel

Curiocity is the inner city's first backpackers (est. 2013) and is rumoured to have been used by Mandela and Tambo as a hide out - hence the bar name "The Hide Out Bar"!

Hillbrewed Coffee Co

Amazing coffee shop in the inner city run by the enthusiastic and multitalented Tebogo!

Troyeville Traffic Circle

A really cool spot with amazing views of the inner city skyline overlooking the iconic Emirates (Ellis) Park!

Churches and Church Spiers

Interesting Fact:

Both Troyeville and Bez Valley have a high concentration of churches in their neighbourhoods!

See how many churches and church spiers you can count on the tour!

Gandhi House

Home to Gandhi and his family in the early 1900s - have a look at this iconic double story mansion in Troyeville which is now a national heritage site!

David Webster House

Home to anti-apartheid activist David Webster until his death (assasination in 1989).

Now a national heritage site with colourful mosaic art on the outside!

Victoria Yards

A mixed-use urban complex in Bez Valley housing artisanal studios, urban farming projects and the Impi Brewing Co!

Always best to check this place out on First Sundays!

Have questions? Here's the most frequently asked.

What should I bring with me?

You should bring closed, comfortable shoes for the tour as it will make it easier for you to balance on the skateboards.

In the warmer months of the year we recommend that you bring a cap, sunscreen and some water as it can get quite hot – during the colder months, bring warm clothing.

Is there parking available?

Yes, there is street parking available at the meeting point of the tour – however, it is used entirely at your own risk and we encourage you to rather use Ubers to and from the tour.

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