Johannesburg Skate Tour

Duration: 10am - 1pm (3 hrs)

Location: Maboneng, Marshalltown, Newtown


R 500.00pp

per person

TUES, THUR, SAT (or by appointment!)


Curiocity Backpackers - Maboneng
302 Fox Street, Johannesburg, 2094.

No Prior Experience Required -

All Skate Tours start with a Skate Lesson for Beginners!

Skate and discover the fascinating (hi)story of Johannesburg from 1886 to today!


Includes Skate Lesson for First-Timers!

  • Why walk, cycle or drive when you can skate's as fun as it looks and not as hard as you think!
  • Each tour starts with a skate lesson and comes with skateboards and safety gear too!
  • A fun way to question and understand everything you've ever heard about Johannesburg!
  • Learn about the rich history of the city and how the younger generation are slowly changing the narrative of its future!
  • History, story telling, iconic buildings, friendly people and interesting anecdotes about our own experiences in the city!
  • If you're really nervous, no worries...this tour is also available as a walking option!
  • The best way to understand why Johannesburg is the way it is today!

No open-toe shoes or sandals - wear closed, comfortable shoes you can move around in

Photos allowed on the tour - unless otherwise specified

No food or water provided on the tour - clients may bring or purchase their own refreshments

Advised to bring water and sunscreen - especially during warmer months (SEP - MAR)

Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by at least one (1) adult for the whole tour!

This tour can be taken as a walking option too - just let us know!

The tour starts at CURIOCITY Africa before we skate around the vibrant and colourful Maboneng and Jewel City precincts!

Both these areas are rich in graffiti and street art and offer amazing photo opportunities while learning about the urban transformation happening in this part of the city!

Marshalltown offers us an opportunity to go back in time to early Johannesburg by using the old buildings as reference points while also highlighting the changes happening in this area as it tries to modernize and adapt to present day Johannesburg.

We end off the tour in Newtown where we get to see some of the best graffiti that the inner city has to offer before heading back to our meeting point at CURIOCITY Africa!

Overall, expect a mixture of facts, history, iconic buildings, historical places and our own personal views on Johannesburg !

We love this city and love sharing why we want to make it better…its not without its faults, but we still think its the best city in the world!

Where we go to:


Voted as one of the world's coolest neighbourhoods by Forbes (2018), it's a vibrant mix of street art, people, dreamchasers and the perfect place to begin our tour!


As one of Johannesburg's oldest areas, it's full of old buildings and architecture showcasing early life in the city - it also has some of the best spots to skate in the city.


Once the city's art and cultural hub, it has lost some of its shine - home to arguably the best graffiti in Johannesburg, it's a neighbourhood caught between the old and new city!

Meeting Point -

Curiocity Hostels - Johannesburg

302 Fox Street

There is street parking available at the meeting point outside CURIOCITY Africa - car guards are available to look after your vehicle but done so at your own risk!

We encourage customers to use Ubers (and the M1/M2 highways) to and from this tour as street parking spots are not always guaranteed.

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Have questions? Here's the most frequently asked.

Is there parking available?

We only have secure parking for the following tours:

Johannesburg Graffiti & Street Art Tour

Braamfontein Walking Tour

Both these tours start in Braamfontein which has secure parking!


For all other tours, there is street parking available but used entirely at your own risk. Please let us know beforehand if you plan on coming with your own vehicle so we can sort out safer parking spots for you.



We highly recommend guests use e-hailing services to and from tours so you don’t have to worry about parking and the safety of your vehicle!

Are children allowed?

For Skateboarding Tours –

Children are allowed BUT must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) for the full duration of the tour.

We recommend the Maboneng Skate Tour for families with children under 14 years old – it’s shorter and roads are quieter on weekends (SAT – SUN).

Chidlren under the age of 5 years old are not recommended on these tours – however, if they can skate already then they’ll be fine!


For All Other Tours – Graffiti & Street Art Tours, Walking Tours

Children are allowed but must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) for the full duration of the tour.

What should I bring with me?

Skate Tours –

We recommend guests bring closed comfortable shoes that they can move around in i.e. no open toe shoes, sandals, flops or pumps.


Graffiti & Street Art and Walking Tours –

We recommend guests bring comfortable walking shoes they can walk between 2 – 7km in.


Guests should also consider the weather when considering what to bring i.e. wear weather appropriate clothing and shoes.

What do we do in case of bad weather?

Skateboarding Tours –

These are heavily weather dependent meaning that if its raining and the roads are too wet, these tour can be either postponed (to a later time or date) or cancelled.

In the case of a cancellation, guests have the option to postpone their tour to another date or request a refund!

Graffiti & Street Art, Walking Tours –

Unless there’s lightning and heavy rain, these tours will not be affected by the weather!


We encourage guests to check the weather conditions prior to coming on the tour.

I can no longer use my tickets. Can I give them to a friend?

Your tickets are transferrable, so if you can’t use your tickets, feel free to give them to a friend to use – remember, tickets are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Still have questions?   Visit our FAQ page to submit your own

"This tour is so awesome because it's an unusual way of experiencing a city. More importantly, it's such an exciting way to indulge in Joburg's street life, learn about the places' history as well as Ayanda's personal view on how to conquer public urban spaces such as Joburg's Inner City.

Steffi - Cologne, Germany

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